Mr. Phillips

Corrbin is our Bourbon Red hens favorite person and their tom's least favorite. Originally from Scott City, Kansas, he is an active-duty soldier with the United States Army. He and Kelsey met in the Spring of 2018 and married in August of 2019. He's almost always busy with his work but when he's not you can find him in the chicken coop or playing Call of Duty on his PS4. 

Mrs. Phillips

Kelsey spends a bit more time on the farm than Corrbin does and can usually be found doing something outside. She keeps track of the birds and maintains the garden. She grew up on a small farm in Western Kentucky with all sorts of critters from cats and dogs to horses, rabbits, and pygmy hedgehogs. She has a bachelor's in animal science from Murray State University and loves animals of all kinds. 

Meet The Dogs


Dodge is our oldest dog at 11, don't let his age fool you, though, because he's still as spry as a spring chicken! He is half shepherd half boxer and fetch is life!


Riv is our next oldest at 5; he's a Staffie mix that Kelsey rescued a few months before she and Corrbin met. He's not the brightest pup but he makes up for it with kisses and love!


Viper is the top dog in our pack. She loves wrestling with the other dogs and running at the lake. She is 3 years old this year and is a red dilute Siberian Husky. Viper is the inspiration behind our farm logo.


Runa is our youngest girl at only a year old. At first, she is a shy girl but loves to play with the other dogs and cuddle with momma. She is a heavily masked agouti, Siberian Husky.

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