Chicken Breeds

Here at Laike Lou Farms, we raise several breeds of chickens. This page gives a brief overview of the breeds we breed. 

Blue Wheaten Ameraucana hen


Chicks - $10 each.

Hatching eggs - $30 a dozen.

Ameraucanas are medium size birds weighing 6.5 to 8.5 pounds. These birds are often mistaken for Easter Eggers or EEs. They are often mistakenly sold under this breed's name. Ameraucanas are blue egg layers, they are decent layers, and are marked by their muff and beards. These birds also are marked by their blue legs and white bottoms on their feet. They come in black, blue, blue wheaten, brown-red, buff, silver, wheaten, and white. We have wheaten and blue wheaten birds and are adding isabels in 2021



We do not currently have a breeding flock of Barnevelders.

Barnevelders are one of my personal favorite birds. They are smaller birds with double-laced black and copper feathering. They are decent layers of medium golden or chestnut brown eggs. They come in six different varieties, and though they lack some of the other distinct features of several of the other breeds, their coloring and iridescence make them truly unique. Only one of these varieties is recognized by the APA, though.


French Marans

Chicks - $10 each.

Hatching Eggs - $30

Marans are another breed that comes in many different varieties; new ones often crop up through breeders' hard work and dedication. We have a few varieties here at the farm; wheaten and blue wheaten. They're all beautiful in their own right but the blue wheatens are my personal favorite. These are medium-large birds and are known for their dark brown egg color. Our wheaten varieties are from show quality stock. We are also starting a project flock to create a line of isabel Marans.


Blue Andalusian

We do not currently have a breeding flock of blue Andalusians.

These are yet another of my personal favorites, these are upright regal-looking birds with light blue-grey plumage with a very fine dark blue outline along the edge of their feathers. These are the only white egg layers we currently have and they lay 3 to 4 medium bright "chalk" white eggs per week. These birds have large single "traditional" chicken combs that can get so large they flop to one side or the other. This breed is considered a Heritage breed under the 'Watch' category by the Livestock Conservancy.


Easter Egger

Easter Egger - $4 each

Hatching eggs - $8

Easter Eggers, also sold under the name Americana or Americauna, are a cross between a blue egg layer and another breed. They are the most populous breed here at the farm and are good layers of either green or blue eggs. These crosses may also lay pinkish eggs or light brown eggs. They come in many different colors and patterns and often have beards and muffs from their Ameraucana parentage. I have many different colors and patterns of these birds. My preferred coloring on these birds is blue legs white brightly patterned gold and black.


Olive Eggers

Easter Egger - $8 each

Hatching eggs - $10

Like Easter Eggers, Olive Eggers are essentially mutts. Olive or green layers can be produced by breeding a brown laying breed to a blue laying breed. Perhaps the most popular cross is a Maran over an Ameraucana. This cross is the reason most Easter Eggers have slate-colored legs and beards. Since their rise in popularity among backyard chicken keepers there are many more options in egg coloring and multi-generational olive eggers are relatively easy to find. These crosses will lay even darker shades of olive. 


Russian Orloff

We do not currently have a breeding flock of Russian Orloffs.

Russian Orloffs are my absolute all-time favorites for sure. These are curious, friendly, medium-sized birds with deep mahogany feathers speckled with white. Some of these birds have next to no white on them while others are almost entirely white. I'm partial to the evenly mixed birds that look like someone splattered paint on them. Russians also have beards and are muffed. While they do not have over-the-top crests like Polish do they do have charming little manes as you can see in Priscilla's picture to the left.


Silverudds Blue

Chicks - $10

Hatching eggs - $30

Isbars (pronounced Ice-bars), or Silverudd's Blue, are now known after the name was changed in memory of their creator. They produce moss green eggs that occasionally have speckles on them. This breed is originally from Sweden and was created by a monk named Martin Silverudd. These are medium-sized, upright, downright scrappy birds. The breeder that we acquired our birds from even has a flock that lives in the woods on her property that has survived for several generations. This breed comes in black, blue, and splash.



Chicks - $5

Hatching eggs - $10

Welsummers are a medium-sized bird with a curious personality. Their eggs are brown with dark brown speckles. One of our girls consistently lays eggs with a heavy bloom that turns the egg pink with purple speckles! They are medium brown birds with tawny necks and yellow legs. We hope to use these girls and our rooster Chuck to produce speckled blue layers and speckled olive layers.


Cream Crested Legbar

Chicks - $10 pullets | $3 cockerels

Hatching eggs - $30

Cream Crested Legbars are an exceptionally popular addition to any farm. These are blue-laying birds that are also autosexing, meaning that you can tell males from females as soon as they hatch. Their crests and beautiful coloring in addition to this autosexing trait make them a practical option when looking for a blue laying breed to add to the farm.