3mo old American Guinea Hog piglet

Guinea Hogs

6 Week Feeder Piglets - $100 ea

American Guinea Hogs are America's original homesteader's pigs. These pigs are much smaller than today's standard production breeds, hardy, and excellent foragers. Guinea Hogs are quiet and docile-natured pigs that are easy to handle and get along with. Adult pigs can weigh between 150 and 300 pounds depending on sex and bloodlines. They are suited to a wide variety of environments and their small stature makes them ideal pigs for homesteaders working with a smaller area or those just getting into pigs. Typically these pigs can be processed as early as 6 months old and provide around 75 pounds of pork at that time. 

We are hoping to breed our gilt, Charlotte, for the first time around mid-March or April depending on when she goes into heat. The boar we are using is a Kunekune so the piglets will be mixed. These will make perfect feeder pigs for a small family or those that are acreage-challenged that do not have much room to spare. They should be born roughly from the end of July to the beginning of August. 

We are hoping to acquire a second gilt this spring that will be registered with the American Guinea Hog Association and we will be breeding via AI.