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How Do Huskies and Farming Go Together?

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

The answer to that is quite easy, they don't, at least not for the most part. Huskies have a very high prey drive and that makes nearly every farm animal a temptation for even the most well behaved husky. Siberians are great dogs, we have one, along with two other dogs. Viper, our husky, is the inspiration for our logo and is the youngest of our three dogs.

Despite being mostly well behaved and trying every method I've seen aside from tying a dead chicken to her collar and letting it rot off she will still snatch and eat chickens if left unsupervised. Just two weeks ago she killed and ate one of my favorite Russian Orloff hens.

Huskies are not for the faint of heart, that's for sure. Viper is as high energy as they come and was always up to something and into everything when she was a bit younger. She's settled down now that she's two years old but it's still trying sometimes. Just earlier I was editing the breeds page here on the site and she was barking incessantly and nipping my elbows and anything else she could grab easily. After spending two hours running full throttle outside with the other dogs she's napping quietly behind my chair. She's essentially the worst toddler you've ever met with pipes to match. If you tell her to do something and she doesn't feel like doing it she won't and she'll tell you all about it while she ignores you.

I've spoken too soon, she's now laying beside Dodge crying because she wants him to play with her. I don't call her Terror for nothing y'all.

Siberians, as most of us know, were bred to pull sleds in the snowy conditions of the north. They are a very high energy breed and Viper is no exception. They require lots of exercise and even older dogs can still be quite rowdy. They're very smart and sometimes almost too smart for their own good, on top of being exceptionally athletic. These dogs are a wild adventure just owning one, and are known Houdini escape artists. They love digging, as many owners will attest. Mowing our backyard is about like riding rough stock and takes twice as long as it probably should thanks to all the holes Viper has dug.

They also shed a ton. People always comment on how pretty Viper is and yes, she's beautiful, unquestionably so. However, I brush her every single day and get a pile of fur big enough to be a show Pomeranian and I have to vacuum every day too otherwise there will be giant balls of fur everywhere along the walls and in every corner. It's honestly astounding how much hair she sheds and there's always more where that came from. Everything I own is covered in dog hair constantly. The only way I can keep my work clothes semi clean is to leave them in a separate room after they're washed.

Viper at the dog park. Check out those huge paws! They're made for digging and running on the top of the snow.

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