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We offer several different products here at Laike Lou Farms and we plan to keep expanding. This is your go to page to find out whats currently available here at the farm!

Duck Hatching Eggs

Duck Hatching Eggs


We collect eggs daily from all the pens, eggs are marked with a collection date in pencil on the top along with what breed they are. They are shipped when they are no more than a week old. Anything older than 7 days is discarded as for eating. Hatching eggs are carefully packaged in a carton with paper towels to take up extra space in the carton, wrapped in tin foil in case of x-ray, and then wrapped in bubble wrap and placed in a shipping box to ensure their safe arrival to your farm!

  • Breed Specifications

    Indian Runner

    Describing these birds as a wine bottle with legs is quite accurate. These are light class ducks originally from China with narrow upright bodies. They weigh between 3.5 and 5 pounds. While they aren't the best layers the comic relief they provide will certainly brighten your days. Our hens lay from late spring until early fall and their eggs are a soft powder blue or dusky grey-blue. One of our hens, Lola, successfully incubated 23 eggs to hatch during the summer. Our Runners are all black in color and produce all black ducklings. 

    Khaki Campbell

    Our Khakis are by far our best layers, these hens outlay most of our chicken hens. Essentially the only time of year they don't lay is during their molt in the fall. They lay large white eggs that often seem too big for such a small bird to have laid. Like our Runners these are light class ducks and typically weigh between 4 and 5 pounds. Hens are tan with darker brown lacing around the edge of their feathers while drakes are primarily a cream color and resemble Mallards with their bright green heads and olive colored bills. 


    Silver Appleyard

    These heavy class ducks are by far my favorite of our ducks. This breed is one of the last true dual purpose ducks available today. They average 220 to 260 extra large white shelled eggs per year and weigh between 7 to 10 pounds. Their bright adult coloring makes them a beautiful addition to any farm as well. Hens appear almost leopard print in color with a tan stripe down the back of the neck and yellow bills. Hens and drakes both have bright blue markings on their wings while just the drakes have bright green head and chestnut coloring along their sides.