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We offer several different products here at Laike Lou Farms and we plan to keep expanding. This is your go to page to find out whats currently available here at the farm!

Chicken Hatching Eggs

Chicken Hatching Eggs


We collect eggs daily from all the pens, eggs are marked with a collection date in pencil on the top along with what breed they are. They are shipped when they are no more than a week old. Anything older than 7 days is discarded as for eating. Hatching eggs are carefully packaged in a carton with paper towels to take up extra space in the carton, wrapped in tin foil in case of x-ray, and then wrapped in bubble wrap and placed in a shipping box to ensure their safe arrival to your farm!

  • Breed Pricing

    Ameaucana - $30 / dozen

    Barnyard Mix - $3 / dozen

    Cream Crested Legbar - $30 / dozen

    Easter Egger - $8 / dozen

    Olive Egger - $10 / dozen

    Silverudds Blue - $30 / dozen