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We offer several different products here at Laike Lou Farms and we plan to keep expanding. This is your go to page to find out whats currently available here at the farm!

Started Pullets

Started Pullets


We offer started pullets on a pre-order basis. They can be picked up at either 8 weeks or 12 weeks. What breeds that are available depends on what is readily available for us to acquire for customers. Typically this includes the majority of common layer breeds. We do not handle or deal in bantams of any variety. We always purchase an extra or two for each order so that the orders can be completed with as few disruptions as possible. If the extra isn't needed to complete the order customers will have the option of purchasing it as well. To pre-order pullets simply message us to see what's available and let us know your pick up age preference. Customers pay $4.00 down per chick and then pay the remainder of the total when the birds are picked up. 

Pick-Up Age

Woodlawn, Tennessee

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