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We offer several different products here at Laike Lou Farms and we plan to keep expanding. This is your go to page to find out whats currently available here at the farm!

We offer 2 different breeds of Heritage turkeys; Bourbon Reds and Narragansetts. We also offer sex-linked BBW X Narragansett birds designed to free-range and grow faster than heritage birds while still having large breasts like the BBW. All poults are hatched on site and are kept indoors in a brooder until they are shipped or sold. Poults sold and shipped are under 5 days old at the time of shipping. 

Turkey Poults

  • Shipping Guarantee

    Poults that arrive deceased will be refunded to the customer provided that the box is opened and inspected at the Post Office within 2 hours of the Post Office notifying the customer of the arrival of the birds. Photos with a date and time stamp must be provided to receive a refund. 

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