Turkey Varieties

Bourbon Red tom

Bourbon Red Turkey

Heritage Breed - Watch Category

Poults - $10 ea

Hatching Eggs - $40

These beautiful birds were developed in Bourbon County, Kentucky, in the late 1800s by J. F. Barbee. Initially named Bourbon Butternuts he later changed the name to Bourbon Red after the initial name didn't draw the attention of the public. These turkeys make excellent meat birds for the homestead with their foraging ability and instincts. Young toms will reach about 23 pounds while hens will reach about 14. The processing time frame for these birds is around 7 months of age. 



Heritage Breed - Watch Category

Poults - $15 ea

Hatching Eggs - $50

Narragansetts are possibly my favorite readily available heritage variety. These birds are striking with their light-tipped feathers that look silver in the sunlight. This variety is one of the older ones with its breed standard being published in 1874 with the American Poultry Association. 


Toms of this variety mature at around 23 pounds much like Bourbons but they can be rather slow growing as they were primarily bred for ornamental purposes rather than production. Hens mature to around 13 pounds and tend to be much lighter in coloring than toms. 

Duck Breeds


Silver Appleyard

Heritage Breed - Category Threatened

Ducklings - $15 ea

Hatching Eggs - $20

This breed is considered a heavyweight at 8 to 10 pounds; they were developed in the 1940s at Priory Waterfowl Farm in England by Reginald Appleyard. They are beautifully feathered birds that produce  220 to 256 eggs per year, making them one of the most prolific layers in the heavyweight category. These ducks make a wonderful addition to anyone's farm since they are a true dual-purpose duck as well as being quite striking in appearance.


Khaki Campbell

Heritage Breed - Watch Category

Ducklings - $10 ea

Hatching Eggs - $15

Khakis are by far the most prolific laying duck. These lightweights lay nearly as many eggs as a good chicken, 250 to 340. Ours very rarely miss a day. They are active, energetic ducks that forage well and weigh between 4 and 5 pounds. If you're looking for duck eggs, these are your breed of choice. They might not be as striking as some of the other breeds with their dark tan plumage, but they make up for it in productivity.


Indian Runner

Heritage Breed - Recovering

Ducklings - $10 ea

Hatching Eggs - $15

Describing these birds as a wine bottle with legs is certainly accurate. We have the black variety here at the farm, and they serve as our comic relief. These speedy upright ducks keep close together and flock together much like sheep; they are frequently used to train young sheepdogs. Originally from China, this breed was used to weed rice patties. While not particularly useful ducks, they are a great addition to the farm for their weeding ability and unusual looks. Ours lay a pretty powder blue egg every few days.